TechLadies Mentorship - Program Details

TechLadies Mentorship is a 12-week program, running from late Jun - Sep 2020, to provide women with personal career guidance from experienced industry practitioners as they grow their career in technology.

Our mentorship program will kick off on Monday, 22nd June 2020, with one mentor matched to each mentee. There are the 4 fields we focus on: Software Engineering, UI/UX Design, Data Science/Engineering/Analysis, Product Management.

Ideal mentees are women with existing careers in the above roles and want to level up in their careers, or women (including fresh grads) with existing domain knowledge in the above roles and are looking for employment opportunities.

Mentees Program Requirements

  • Have a clear goal for what you'll like to achieve from this program
  • Commit to bi-weekly meetings (offline/virtual) with their mentors from Jun 2020 - Aug 2020
  • Fill out a bi-weekly report to feedback your progress with your mentor
  • Present a final project at the end of the program
  • Submit a short progress report on a bi-weekly cadence

Application Fees

Our Mentorship program is free. However, to ensure full commitment and a fruitful experience for you, we will be collecting a fully refundable SGD$100* upon your confirmed placement in the program, which you will receive in full once the program is completed upon satisfaction of the above program requirements.

*Drop-outs will not be eligible for refunds. Any other reasons for discontinuation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Who are the mentors in this program?

Our mentors are industry experts from software engineering, data science/engineering, product management, and UI/UX with more than 3 years in experience, with a passion to give back to the tech ecosystem!

Who is the TechLadies Mentorship program designed for?

The TechLadies Mentorship is designed to help women with existing domain knowledge in either Software Engineering, UI/UX Design, Data Science/Engineering/Analysis, or Product Management who are looking for guidance on how to get to the next level in their careers. This could be building influence, preparing for job interviews, or growing a network. This is not a program for women with zero knowledge in either of the fields listed above.

Is the TechLadies Mentorship program only for women?

Yes! As we are trying to improve the gender ratio in the tech industry, the mentorship program is only for women and those who identify as one.

Can foreigners join this program?

Yea, sure! As long as you can commit to the program, you are welcome to apply!

How will I be matched to my mentor?

We will be matching you with your mentor based on your area of focus, mentorship goals and industry relevance, details we will be asking of you through the application form.

When will the application fees be collected and refunded?

The fees of SGD$100 will be collected from you upon your confirmed placement in the program between 15 - 22 June 2020. This amount will be fully refunded to you after the program wraps up in Sep 2020, upon satisfaction of the above program requirements.

What do I need to do for the final project?

The final project is something you decide on with your mentor at the start of the program, to create something which you can showcase, something concrete which you can take away from this 12-week mentorship program. For example, you can decide to work on a personal project and publish it on GitHub, taking part in a Kaggle competition, write a tech article etc.

I have more questions!

For any further questions, you can reach us at

Why join us as a Mentee?

Grow your career in tech: One of the best ways to advance in the work you do is to learn from a mentor, someone who has a wealth of experience and is able to give you the guidance, feedback, and institutional knowledge. In a mentorship, you can also develop a better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses to reach your specific career goals.

Expand your professional network: Working with a mentor is also a great chance to be introduced to networks, companies and individuals which you previously never had access to. The benefits of an expanded network is abundant, ranging from broadened perspectives, new collaborations or even employment opportunities!

Structured program: We know how difficult it can be to find a mentor that is right for you and develop a relationship from there. The TechLadies Mentorship team has designed a structured program that has helped make the journey of mentorship fruitful and enjoyable for both mentors and mentees! In our program, we will be matching you with experienced and passionate mentors from the TechLadies community! Check out our mentors below!

“I thought the overall organisation by TechLadies was great. Clear communication and enough guidance to keep us on track, without being overly prescriptive. The kickoff session was good too -- it set clear expectations on both mentor and mentee, and that was very useful.” - Jill Quek, TechLadies Mentor (2019)

Mentors for 2020

Software Engineering

Denise Lim (Linkedin)

Denise is a full stack developer at ThoughtWorks. She has worked with Cloud Platforms, DevOps, Distributed Systems and MicroServices in addition to application development. She is passionate about Agile practices, Pair Programming, Testing practices and writing Clean Code. After switching from a corporate tax accountant role, she has never looked back since.

Archanaa Ravikumar (Linkedin)

Archanaa is a lead developer with experience in retail, micro-finance, IndiaStack & IoT domains and proficient in facilitating product design, architecting applications, leading teams to deliver solutions and coaching individuals & teams. She is a polyglot programmer and has worked in multiple tech stacks including Java, .Net, RoR, Javascript, Golang and Clojure. She is interested in system design and architecting solutions for complex business problems. She is an avid reader, a board game geek and a coffee addict.

Chee Wai Hon (Linkedin)

Officially trained in data, but moved towards more of a software engineering focus in my career. I enjoy the challenge of the startup environment and worked in various startups both in Singapore and in the Bay Area. Building products is my forte - built stuff across many domains such as e-commerce, public data and cyber-security. Would love to help someone out to launch an exciting SWE career.

Martin Verdejo (Linkedin)

I love learning languages. What drew me to tech was the immense possibility of creating new things using language. At work, I make apps. I see my job as a way to enrich people's lives, enhance the way they work, and make it more meaningful. Outside work I enjoy martial arts, tasting whiskey with a dash of philosophizing, or test out my level of Chinese with kopi auntie.

Akshata Mohanty (Linkedin)

Akshata is a Fullstack Engineer at Rakuten Viki. She is a self taught developer, with a degree in Architecture. Before joining Rakuten, she did research for 3 years in the Design Automation Lab at NUS. She loves online learning and enjoys exploring new AI technologies in her free time.

UI/UX Design

Irina Chiew (Linkedin)

For over 15 years “customer experience” has been fuelling my passion as I have continued to help companies create and deliver creative ideas and concepts that make people's lives easier and ultimately transforms people’s behaviour. I believe there is purpose in the things we create - to design experiences that make lives better, help us connect to others, and maximise our human potential. That's why I am passionate about working in design - healing teams shape customer experiences from a deep understanding of people.

Gloria Chua (Linkedin)

Gloria is a product designer at the Government Digital Services, working on National Digital Identity. She is passionate about designing and building for underserved communities, inclusion and accessibility. Having seen the thriving women in tech community in the Bay Area where she lived and worked for a while, she's excited to contribute to it here. In her free time, she loves hiking, watching documentaries and reading.

Keen Mak (Linkedin)

I've been a UX designer for more than 6 years now, starting with my very first job out of college in the States. My background is in industrial design and graphic design, and I worked for John Deere for 2 years before moving back to Singapore and joining a series of startups. I now work as a product designer for GIC Labs, and taught a part-time UX course at GA last year.

Michelle Goh (Linkedin)

Trained in Psychology, Michelle is a UX Researcher based in Singapore with 4+ years of experience understanding user needs across Asia-Pacific. Having worked in both an agency and an in-house product team, Michelle has helped and worked with different products, clients, and teams to create meaningful and delightful products and services for people. Some of her key clients include Google, PayPal, UBS, UOB, and McDonalds.

Jasmine Rojas (Linkedin)

* Mentor is based in the Philippines

Over 9 years of experience in the design industry with focus on Product Design (UI/UX) in the last 5 years. I am passionate about bridging the gaps between the users, the business and the technology in a product development lifecycle. And now, i'm advocating UX design across all fields of work, and help develop women and young designers looking to transition or grow in their careers.

Product Management

Rajni Bayya (Linkedin)

Hello there! I have experience delivering projects successfully through Agile methodology. In the past 10 years I have played various roles such as Product Owner, Project Manager, Scrum Master and Business Analyst. My projects range from building mobile applications in the B2B space, to aviation, web applications for fraud detection and health care systems.

Anna Kolenkina (Linkedin)

Anna is a product leader and enthusiast with end-to-end expertise of building digital products from scratch. Her main speciality is B2B products with focus on cognitive tasks automation, commercial function, logistics and trading. NUS MBA Alumni, with a background in managing successful cross-cultural geo-dispersed product teams in Switzerland, Russia and Singapore.

Jennifer Elizabeth (Linkedin)

Jennifer is a Senior Product Manager at Lynk, a Hong Kong-headquartered startup that spearheaded the first expert network SaaS platform. She is responsible for driving the automation of workflows within the platform, optimizing the expert experience, and spearheading machine learning projects. She began her career in Banking at Standard Chartered Bank in Indonesia and Singapore and switched her career into product management when she moved back to Hong Kong. Prior to her current role, she was a Product Manager at Prenetics, a digital health and genetic testing company where she launched and managed digital health products for B2B clients in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Jennifer believes in the concept of paying it forward as she has been guided by leaders who have helped her to be where she is now.

Data Science

Jan Idziak (Linkedin)

Holding a Master Degree in Mathematics (Statistics) from University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland, Jan has 6+ years of professional experience in data science, deep learning, and data visualization, working across a wide range of projects and sectors. He has designed statistical models and machine learning tools, including portfolio pricing engines, customer segmentation systems, and product recommendation mechanisms. He currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at Charles and Keith, Singapore. His expertise includes topics such as scoring models, predictive modelling, data visualization techniques, and neural network development using TensorFlow. He mostly works in Python and R programming languages.

Fiona Tan (Linkedin)

Fiona is a Data Science Analyst that enjoys improving efficiency and accuracy of processes. Passionate for data, she is trained with various quantitative methods to derive insights from numbers. As one of the founding members of the Data Science Department, she served a crucial role spearheading various data science initiatives at Charles and Keith Group. She graduated with a first-class honours from the London School of Economics in BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, and is also a Singapore Industry Scholarship holder.

Pooja Khemlani (Linkedin)

Pooja started as a Product Specialist and moved on into a Data Analyst role. She is a firm believer in working closely with business stakeholders to allow them to be more data centric.


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