TechLadies Bootcamp #3 - Program Details

The TechLadies Bootcamp #3 was a 12-week part-time accelerated learning program held in 2017. It was designed to help women with some basic programming background become professional programmers. creating products for non-profit organizations using the Ruby programming language under the guidance of industry experts.

To qualify for the bootcamp, applicants to create their own personal websites using Ruby on Rails. TechLadies conducted 3 pre-bootcamp workshops to equip women with basic programming skills to complete their submission app. See all workshop materials, slides and video recordings at this link.

6 ladies were selected for this bootcamp out of 86 applicants. They each have their unique backgrounds - coming from industries such as publishing, finance, logistics and more.







App Demo

The 6 TechLadies Bootcamp #3 participants formed 2 teams to build web applications for Mountbatten Vocational School and TechLadies. They presented their work at the TechLadies Bootcamp #3 Graduation Party, hosted by Google.


Mountbatten Vocational School provides vocational courses for students with learning disabilities to prepare them for their careers. They were using paper and excel sheets to keep track of student details, which was becoming difficult given the multitude of courses and students.

Anukrity, Marta, and Pearly worked as a team to build a school management system that automates and digitizes record keeping and report generation.


TechLadies has been using Google forms for their bootcamp applications. This does not allow applicants to review their applications and it was tedious to scroll through the applications for evaluation and selection, given the large number of applications for each bootcamp receives.

Huimin, Maggie, and Shirlaine worked as a team to build an integrated platform to manage applications.

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TechLadies Bootcamp #3 Coaches

These amazing results are the hard work of the following coaches who have volunteered their time tirelessly over the 12-week program!

Michael Cheng

Michael Cheng is a full stack developer with more than 10 years of experience building dynamic websites. He is a Zend Certified Engineer/Trainer in PHP development. He currently does Ruby & Go Lang. He runs the Singapore PHP User Group, co-founded the iOS Dev Scouts and is the organizer of PHPConf.Asia. His latest passion project is Engineers.SG, a not-for-profit community initiative to document and archive the tech and startup scene in Singapore. Michael is currently a Senior Software Engineer at SP Group.

Lian Tong Wei

Lian Tong Wei is an integrated circuit design engineer turned Ruby on Rails developer. She's currently working in Appliedmesh and is picking up Java. A simple and happy-go-lucky person, Tong Wei enjoys practicing yoga and hiking while she's not programming.

Chew Wei-Liang

Chew Wei-Liang is a Rails developer at Tinkerbox Studios. Programming for a living for one and a half years now, he has extensive coaching experience at SUTD, TechLadies, and CodingGirls, teaching people Ruby on Rails, CSS, and HTML. Weiliang is passionate about practicing and teaching the craft with others who care as much about code as he does.

Tan Jun Qi

Tan Jun Qi was a former software developer intern at Tinkerbox studios and is currently meandering her way through her final term at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. She enjoys teaching and has been variously a math, physics, and programming teaching assistant for multiple terms in college. She finally thought she'd be able to take a break this last term, but ended up doing this instead (thanks, Wei-Liang).

Daniel Goh

A former educator, recruitment consultant, and now a full stack developer, Daniel Goh enjoys learning new programming languages and a bit of cycling at the side. He began his programming education through an online course, before signing up for a coding bootcamp and joining Tinkerbox. Currently, Daniel is working with Ruby and Rails to develop web applications with a focus on high code quality.

Gia Phua

Gia is a User Experience consultant who seeks to collaborate with people to understand their needs and integrate the insights to create positive experiences. She has had agency experience in Foolproof and Splash Interactive, and is currently guiding batches of students in General Assembly on Experience Design. Gia oversees design for the NGOs.

When was the TechLadies Bootcamp #3?

Batch 3 of the TechLadies Bootcamp happened between 29 Jul - 14 Oct 2017. Applications opened on 9 May and closed on 3 Jul 2017.

What programming language was taught?

Batch 3 of the TechLadies Bootcamp only taught the Ruby programming language.

Who is the TechLadies Bootcamp designed for?

The TechLadies Bootcamp is designed to help women with some basic coding background to switch careers into the tech industry. You should be at least 21 years old, or at an age where it is impossible for you to be formally educated in Computer Science. We will also guide you through writing your resume, preparing for tech interviews and make introductions to recruiting companies.

Can foreigners join this program?

Yea, sure! As long as you can be in Singapore legally throughout the 12 weeks, you are welcome to apply! Our previous batch saw folks from Malaysia, China, U.K, Singapore, U.S.A, Indonesia, and Australia. We are unable to help with securing visa or other paperwork, so please make sure that you are good to participate.

What is the level of commitment required for participants?

This coding program is a part-time program. Still, you are required to attend sessions on every Saturdays (1 - 6pm) and code on your own throughout the week, committing at least 15 hours per week between 29 Jul - 14 Oct 2017.

What is the format of this program?

You will through a hands-on experience and our coaches will be here to guide you. Throughout the week, you are expected to work on the project with our coaches checking in on your codes and answer any questions you have. This will happen online. On Saturdays, we will meet in-person to learn new concepts and revise old ones.

How much did the TechLadies Bootcamp #3 cost?

We did not create TechLadies to make money, but we need money to keep TechLadies going. As such, this program costs SGD500 to participate. Full scholarships are provided for women from low-income backgrounds and cannot afford the fees. You may request for a scholarship on the application form.

Are there any prerequisites for application?

Yes! We learned that it is important for TechLadies Bootcamp participants to have some sort of programming foundation in order to build a web product that will be used by the NGOs. Hence, you will need to complete a technical task before applying to the TechLadies Bootcamp.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you acquire the skills you need to complete the task with a series of pre-bootcamp workshops!

How do I apply?

You will need to complete a technical task before you can apply for the program.

How are participants selected?

Participants are selected based on their commitment level, passion for learning how to code and ability to successfully transit into the tech industry.

Is the TechLadies Bootcamp only for women?

Yes! As we are trying to improve the gender ratio in the tech industry, the bootcamp are only for women and those who identify as one.


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