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TechLadies is a community-led initiative for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance in the tech industry. We are a group of friends who love technology and believe that gender should not stop anyone from experiencing programming and succeeding in the tech industry.

Our mission is to increase women’s participation and create equal opportunities for women in the tech industry. We want to provide women the community, education, and the opportunity to become better engineers, product managers, and designers.

Since our launch in 2016, we have built up an amazing international community in Asia and empowered women to switch careers into tech. To increase the impact of our work and help more women, we need your help!

Help needed at TechLadies

TechLadies is managed by a group of core team members and a larger group of ad-hoc helpers. We are all volunteers, spending anything from 5 - 10 hours per month depending on the role. Each role can have up to 2 individuals working together. All core team roles require a 12-month commitment while ad-hoc volunteers are activated on a need-basis.

Core Team Roles

Chapter Leaders

We are looking for chapter leaders who want to bring TechLadies to their home city and for TechLadies Singapore! You will be in charge of all things TechLadies in your home city, supported our Singapore chapter.

Ideal profile: You are passionate and committed to bringing change in their community with TechLadies. You are resourceful, independent, and can commit >10 hours every month. A technical background is not required.

Bootcamp Leads

Lead our annual flagship program, the TechLadies Bootcamp! This is by far our most impactful program, having helped 12 women switch careers into software engineering. Bootcamp Leads are the people behind this magic. You will be sourcing for NGOs and coaches, market for, and run the bootcamp (including pre-bootcamp workshops). It’s time-consuming but very rewarding. Don’t worry, we have a playbook ready.

Ideal profile: You can commit to organising the bootcamp, have good project management skills, and can spend >8 hours per month.

Mentorship Leads

Core organizer for our TechLadies Mentorship program, you will be sourcing mentors, recruiting mentees, and run the mentorship program (including any associated events). We have a playbook for you to follow!

Ideal profile: You can commit to organise the mentorship program, have good project management skills, and able to spend >6 hours per month.

Event Leads

Event lead plans and creates amazing TechLadies events! You will be in charge of planning the events calendar, run bi-monthly events (including TechLadies Bootcamp Info Session and TechLadies Bootcamp Grad Party), source logistics vendors, work with the Partnerships Manager to secure logistics and financial support.

Ideal profile: You have experiences organising mid to large size events (community events count!), passionate about designing event experiences for women in tech, and can commit 5 hours every month.

Partnerships Managers

Our partners chip in for venues, speakers, swags, cash, and mentors so that TechLadies can continue to do what we do. You will source for potential partners, guide and support our partners, and ensure that our partners are taken care of.

Ideal profile: You are well-spoken and have sales experiences. Our partners understand that we aren’t available to meet during office hours, so don’t worry about having to take time off work for this! You will spend roughly 5 hours every month.

Community Managers

TechLadies is a community - and this role is the heart of it! You will be taking care of our community, providing timely resources and updates to our members via our Facebook group, page, Twitter and newsletters. You come up with creative ideas to engage with the community and have the resources to execute on your ideas!

Ideal profile: You should be comfortable maintaining a Facebook page, Facebook group, write newsletters, and Twitter. You will spend roughly 5 hours every month.


22 Dec 2019 -
31 Jan 2020

Application opens

Interested to join our 2020 core team? Fill up the application form below by 31 Jan, 10pm SGT! Applications are processed on a rolling-basis so do apply sooner rather than later.

1 - 16 Feb 20

Phone interviews

To answer any questions you have and for us to assess your suitability, a short call will be scheduled. Interviews (and selection) are conducted on a rolling-basis so do apply sooner rather than later! All applicants will be notified of your application statuses by 16 Feb 2020.

19 Feb

Welcome dinner!

New core team members will meet with the 2019 core team members in a small get-together.

17 Feb 20
- 17 Feb 21

2020 Core Team

The 2020 Core Team will officially kick off on 17 Feb and graduate in a year's time.

Volunteer at TechLadies

You can learn new skills and contribute to increasing women’s participation in the tech industry in a casual, friendly environment. If this aligns with your passion and interest, join us!

Who can join the TechLadies team?

TechLadies welcome people of all genders to join our team! You also do not need to have a programming background in order to contribute.

What can volunteers expect out of the experience?

You can expect to make a difference with like-minded people passionate in the same cause! We will meet up every month to plan activities and share ideas. Beyond that, we would like to thank your time and skills by:

  • Recognizing and profiling you at TechLadies website, FB group, FB page, and newsletter
  • Have you represent TechLadies at events and media requests
  • Putting you first in line for goodies as TechLadies receive them
  • Providing you a seat at all TechLadies events and workshops, for free!

What is the expected level of commitment?

Everyone has other priorities in life - our careers, family, and other interests. We get it! We can tailor your volunteering experience to what you're comfortable in contributing.

Prefer ad-hoc/one-off opportunities?

Ad-hoc contributors are volunteers who help out on a need-basis. Here are some tasks we need help in:

  • Coaches/Mentors: We run workshops, study groups, and bootcamps and we’re always looking for coaches who can teach! We’re pretty language agnostic so we’re open for anyone who wants to help! You can choose to teach a workshop, study group, or teach at the TechLadies Bootcamp.
  • Event helpers: Behind every successful event is a bunch of awesome event helpers! Event helpers are people who make things happen - from welcoming attendees, coordinating venue logistics, taking photos, to updating our social media accounts.
  • Writers: People look to the TechLadies blog for information on programming, our activities, and discover stories of awesome women in tech. We need writers to create these amazing content! Depending on the content, we may need writers with basic programming knowledge. We accept guest articles too!

Please consider making a one-time donation to keep TechLadies going!

Clicking "Donate Now" will bring you to make a donation securely via PayPal, where you can donate with all major credit cards. TechLadies' finances are managed by Learnemy Pte Ltd. As TechLadies is not a registered non-profit, we cannot send an invoice for tax purposes.


For any other questions, please contact Elisha at